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It doesn't seem to matter what I'm going through! You got a way of inserting strength into my marrow! love you!.
Kattie Johnson
CMO, Webnishar
If your awake and think no one understands you, listen to this man and you'll SEE he's not BLIND like the rest of the world,
Joe M Brandenburg
CTO, Shiler
Awesome assurance of GOD Jesus Christ using a chosen man to carry his message.
E book Reviews
Angela Carter
CEO, Loxiret

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Each book covers these topics
$ 150
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Healing
  • Overcoming
  • Living


The starting line up contains
$ 699
  • Family
  • Love
  • Business
  • Purpose
  • Enlightenment
  • Time

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