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Are you a Knowledge Warrior?

Here are our topics on business, these topics can be very sensitive by nature:


  1. Taxes
  2. Culture
  3. Starting
  4. Funding
  5. Branding
  6. Networking
  7. Business Plans
  8. Public Relations
  9. Stock Market
  10. Bankruptcy
  11. Failure
  12. Stress
  13. Fear

Tackling complex cases & seeing them through

We use a non-bias approach to coaching of the highest degree.

Commitment to help with difficult cases

Most cases we see have never been handled in a proper manner.

Elite team of experienced trainers

Learn from the best in the industry, who have given there all to it.

Business Book

Learning to run a business has many tiny steps you must overcome if you wish to achieve lasting results.

This book helped me to hurdle over my last huge branding situation.

Jane, Smith

Counseling, mediation, & coaching

I do everything to ensure our clients feel comfortable sharing their heart. Growing into the person they were called to be & do what they need to do.

The information shared in each session is always confidential, we do not use traditional methods of healing in every case.

For this reason, we don’t work with all patience do to this sensitive nature. Please see our Vision Opposites Partners for more information with other healers, counselors & coaches.

Join our team to contribute to the cause

We have over 300 members willing to help you grow. All of us have been through a unique but similar stage of growth.

I hope that the more people we offer healing to that they would become a trainer with our affiliates program.

Take charge of your life




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Demetrio wants you to heal from your deepest wounds. Is that OK?

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First, I recommend starting with a short book, then you can take a course or receive some training!

Knowledge warriors, don’t forget to have the best day ever!