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Demetrios Quotes

What Everyone Needs to Know

What is life?

The Meaning of time

Our 1 on 1 courses were designed for fast past learning on very sensitive topics.

  1. 24 hr / 12-12
  2. Military time
  3. Universal time
  4. Metric system
  5. Heart rate
  6. life / death
  7. Abortions
  8. Leaving passion
  9. Getting injured
  10. Being Replaced
  11. Living after death

Ok, we learned about Purpose in the previous course, in this course we’ll talk about different ways to merge purpose & time. Here are few Examples:

The streets are filled with people, but are they awake?

Many people will walk in the wilderness of life, questioning, wondering, dreaming. But, yet never knowing, never doing. They will watch, listen, and maybe even see. But they’ll never become what they want to be.

  • Bonus: This book includes a private video tour of my daily life.

D.Q reviews

TIme Review

U have helped me more than I can express; to get on Social media ( cruel/ negativity is all it is) and run across ur inspirational quotes, that actually relate to my life is uplifting; the way that u can use a few words to describe/ relate to such experiences is rare; ur truly gifted.

Ashley Whit

Time Review

If your awake and think noone understands you, listen to this man and you'll SEE he's not BLIND like the rest of the world, and open your mind to the infinite amount of knowledge you already posses, that u don't know u have. The possibilities are endless and to truly understand that anything is possible, It's amazing.

Joe Brandenburg

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