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The 6 Leap

Below are our 6 starter books and a brief introduction into them. Have fun while growing and never take it to hard on yourself.

Let’s grow in love during these days of worldwide connection…

Strong Family Bond

  • Getting Started

 The first step:

It's important to create meaningful relationships with everyone, but those in your family. It seems more important to the spirit.  If you want to learn why this is, we can help you to understand even the painful experience of truth.

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Getting Started
Moving Into True Love

Finding Love

  • Moving Into True Love

 The second step:

We all need true love. Do you understand why this is?
let's not cause more pain for others if we don't know what Love Is.
I know your thinking when someone wants it, they will find it. Why do you need to teach something that we find no matter what?

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Mind Of Money

  • Now we'll conqure business

 The third step:

Everyone needs money, but some love it, some hate it. I've learned both ways while running my business and see why some have it & some don't. Do you earn the money you need or expect?
Let's learn why it is that money is actually an illusion of the mind...

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Now we'll conqure business
Stop running the wrong way

We Have Purpose

  • Stop running the wrong way

 The forth step:

Finding meaning in all we do can be difficult, especially while in the middle of life. This is the part of life where we question everything.
We may even feel lost or make drastic changes, this is for a reason....

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Enlighten The Mind

  • Wake up to a new world

The fifth step:

I can see that you're looking for more but haven't found it. How do I know this, or that there is more? I was that lost person. Always wearing a smile, but looking down on life.
If you trust in the process that life gives and expect to grow from light. Be ready for what is about to happen.

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Wake up to a new world
I have time left?

Timing Is Everything

  • I have time left?

 The sixth step:

Why is time important? this life is only a brief moment in time.  I'm not sure we understand that life is also time, but time is not real?
So how do we manage this moment we are given? Time is not like everything else we have to work with. Time has a non physical boundary with no beginning or no end.

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~ Love ~

Personal Coaching

Spiritual guidance has been around since the beginning of time, it's just now that we've needed it more & more.

Spiritual Absoluteness

We've devised an intense training program to reach the top. The highest level of reality you can reach placed in a 2 week plan.

AMBC Courses

We have answers for you, if you have the growing need to learn more. I know we can grow together.

Mid life crisis

When the spirit is coming to the light it may feel like our life is coming to an end, this is why I created our blog.

3 ways to begin living a new way

There’s no right or wrong way to get where you need to be. There’s only how fast & peacefully you’d like to get there!


AMBC Courses

  • Family
  • Love
  • Bussiness
  • Purpose
  • Enlightenment
  • Time


Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Anger
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Fear
  • Suicide
  • Abondonment


Personal Actions

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Frequently asked questions

An extremely heightened awareness of the current perception that is reality. We incorporate science & spirituality to complete the cycle of life through our final AMBC course.

See more about Absoluteness here.

We’re not in it for the money, if you can’t afford our service. Get in touch with me & we’ll work with you. “The work begins when life begins!”

Anyway, visit shop!

You must take our Spiritual Aptitude test to become eligible. Our program was geared to towards the most advanced level trainees. Become a trainer Here.

1 day I found out about spiritual enlightenment from one of my mentors. But, It wasn’t enough for me to just sit back and that’s it,
so I came up with my own program to teach those who were needing more & needing it fast.

See our non-profit here

Absolute mind and body completion courses are set up for fast pace online training. We’re here to help those that struggle with spirituality involving 6 major parts of our lives.

See our Courses here

Yes, we are always looking for team members to help carry out the message.

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Our hope is that everyone who take our courses will begin to utilize there training and help others in there community.

So we call them CEO Trainers.

I hope you’ll grow, in life all we need is a little extra information. learn more About Us!

Our clients say

"It doesn't seem to matter what I'm going through! You got a way of inserting strength into my marrow! love you!"
Kattie Johnson
"Awesome assurance of GOD Jesus Christ using a chosen man to carry his message"
Angela Carter


Finally see our books

Reading is not the best thing to do on your off time, or even during work for that matter.
I make it easy to learn…

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