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Spiritual Absoluteness- The highest level

To become completely aware, is the most delicate and yet most beautiful thing
you'll ever do in life.

Who R you?

About Enlightenment

From the beginning of time, there has always been the spirit of light. When you come to this realization truth, this is what we call the awakening.

When you reach this place on your journey, you will need to find meaning fast. If you feel you’re getting closer we’d like to help you out. be your ears and eyes if needed.

Whatever your faith or background is, we don’t care. Our doors are open to you in every way. Our wish is that everyone feels welcome here & is willing to share freely.

The light came to the earth so that you wouldn’t stay in the dark.

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What they say !

It doesn't seem to matter what I'm going through! You got a way of inserting strength into my marrow! love you!
TIme Review
Kattie Johnson
If your awake and think noone understands you, listen to this man and you'll SEE he's not BLIND
Joe Brandenburg
U have helped me more than I can express; to get on Social media.
Girl Review
Ahley Whit
Your eyes are opened to the souls for sure.
E book Reviews
Sarah Parker

Your life is more important than you may believe

Enlightenment course




Coaches test to help see the best approach to healing.

What's wrong? - Step 1 of 3

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Demetrio wants you to heal from your deepest wounds. Is that OK?

oh, we may have a cookie to better your experience. But, We'll show you how to grow faster!


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First, I recommend starting with a short book, then you can take a course or receive some training!

Knowledge warriors, don’t forget to have the best day ever!